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We believe in
data value

From the moment it's generated until its destruction, a person must always have a clear idea about the data state. We have this concept in mind since over thirteen years, and we still love it.

We were born in 2006 as a company specialized in backup on physical tape, with already many years of experience. During time, while working on ever-growing IT environments, we dealt with at first sight impossible challenges, but our perseverance always won.

Our highly qualified team achieved many of the highest IT certifications. Our deep knowledge of the most modern infrastructures and of the actual threat landscape make us a formidable team.



There are many ways to protect data

We are distributors of different data protection solutions, from backup softwares to Virtual Tape Libraries. From Datacenter protection to the individual endpoint.
We can provide approaches for any environment.




Leader among european backup softwares from 25 years, Atempo Time Navigator with its several modules allows backups of both physical servers and complex virtual infrastructures.
FalconStor, furthermore, is pioneer in virtualization of Virtual Tape Libraries and storage. With NSS and CDP it allows multiple Datacenter protection and near-zero RPO.


Computer is the user's main interaction tool, one of the critical key points of an organization. Products like Atempo Live Navigator allow a continuous backup with an RPO of just a few seconds. Sophos Intercept X, instead, runs a constant analysis of the running processes using deep learning techniques to detect issues as ransomwares and zero-day threats.


Unstructured data and Big Data are growing exponentially. Atempo Miria was born with the purpose of protecting, moving easily and archiving big volumes of data, from some hundreds of TeraBytes to dozens of PetaBytes. In a completely automated way.


A small office with some PCs and a virtual environment with some dozens of Virtual Maches is the perfect habitat for backing up data towards the Cloud, or on autonomous, onsite appliances. Backup and restore of single files or whole VMs have never been so easy.


Indentifying quickly unknown devices connectd to an internal network is an essential requirement of any secure infrastructure. Many of the most common attacks start with the simplest act: attaching a cable.


Every year hundreds of thousands of new malwares are created. Sandstorming allows the analysis of a file or a process in safe and contained evironment, so threats can be detected and isolated in a transparent manner.


It's easy to lose control and oversight view of an extended Cloud infrastructure, especially if on Public Cloud. Specific products permit to highlight vulnerabilites, weaknesses and non-compliance issues in a matter of seconds.


IDS and IPS systems became increasingly popular because of their ability to analyze the data flow to recognize attacks and, in some cases, the presence of anomalous and unexpected traffic. Prevention is always better than cure.


In this new decade a pro-active defense is needed to stay up-to-date regarding active menaces acting globally, and proceed accordingly to protect the own asset: data, systems, networks, people. Sometimes attack is the best defence.


Modern technologies allow a great automation, also in Security themes: it's possible to detect malwares with sandstorming, then proceed to isolate the infected hosts using the firewall and the local antivirus. All this in a matter of seconds.


Don't lose control of you network

It can be challenging to have total supervision of the own network, but it shouldn't be. With Wireless and Cloud technologies, defining a perimeter is becoming always more difficult. We strongly believe in Sophos solutions and in their concept of Syncronized Security, with which it's possible to face ever-evolving menaces with relative serenity. Furthermore, we are always looking for products that reflect the essential key points of modern IT Security Standards.



Some of the Security Services that we provide

Risk Assessment

Correct risk evaluation is the fundamental base to limit organizational data compromises. Thanks to our long-term experience, we are able to build customized modeles for each customer.
With a proper risk assessement, resources can be used with greater efficiency and the numer of threats therefore will be kept to a minimum.

Vulnerability Assessment

Knowing the vulnerabilites of owned systems and detecting their weak points allow to view from the attacker's perspective which ones are the most appealing targets.
Thanks to our experts it is possible to analyze networks and systems to detrmine their weaknesses and take proper remedial actions before data breaches or compromises.

Secure Design

An IT system that is planned with accuracy since the beginning and maintened healthy for its whole lifecycle is essential to reduce the number of attacks. Our knowledge can help to maximize the resources and it is always up-to-date with latest threats.
Firewalls and anti-malwares are no longer enough to stop new generation attacks: a defense in-depth is needed with technology, physical security and a lot of awareness.


CompTIA certifications

CompTIA is one of the major american institutions for IT certifications, particularly regarding CyberSecurity. We in Maleva are partners and authorized trainers. We can provide custom training - both in class and onsite - for the certifications we achieved.



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