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100% Data Protection Coverage

Our solutions portfolio allows to protect your data in any scenario, on any media. Among some examples:

  • Large Datacenters with physical servers, IBM iSeries,…
  • Virtualized Environments as VMware, Hyper-V, Xen, Nutanix,…
  • Endpoints with Windows, Linux or macOS
  • Branch Offices with very limited bandwidth
  • Data on Public or Private Clouds
  • SaaS applications (Microsoft365, Gmail,…)
  • Any Repository (Object Storage, Block Storage, Tape, VTL, Cloud) as destination
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Large File Storage Management

A single solution to back up, synchronize, migrate and move your unstructured data and files between large heterogeneous storages:

  • A high-perfomance migration solution for very large volumes and very high file numbers, from Storage to Cloud, Object Storage, Tape – in any direction
  • Securely backup several storages from different brands with advanced implementations and features
  • Use the built-in analytics features to anticipate the growth of your unstructured data
  • Archive data with very long retention on Object Storage, Cloud, Tape, or other mediums – it’s simple as drag and drop
  • Synchronize different shares or entire storages easily with a powerful, vendor-agnostic petascale data management solution
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Atempo Solutions

European leader for conventional data protection, Atempo preserves data ecosystems for mid-sized and corporate organizations globally. Among their products:

  • Miria is the ultimate tool to manage large amount (PetaBytes) of data: a vendor-agnostic tool to migrate, backup, archive or just manage your data.
  • Time Navigator allows to protect large infrastructures with any Operating System, from iSeries to the latest hypervisors, with Deduplication at source.
  • Live Navigator allows to backup data on Endpoints (Windows, Linux, macOS) with advanced features as Continuous Data Protection and deduplication.
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FalconStor Solutions

Founded in 2000, FalconStor provides software solutions to modernize and optimize data protection and cloud migration for the hybrid cloud world.

  • StorSafe, the evolution of Virtual Tape Library, allows to store deduplicated data on disk, physical tapes or Object Storage. In data protection, this is an absolutely versatile tool to get the maximum result with the minimum effort.
  • StorGuard is an advanced tool to virtualize and manage storage devices. Continuous Data Protection, lightining-fast snapshots and customizable replications are just a few of its features.
  • StorSight is the only console needed to manage FalconStor products. Fast and responsive, it offers a modern, highly customizable HTML-based interface.
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Vawlt Super Cloud

Vawlt’s distributed, data-centric architecture allows to store date on multiple cloud providers simultaneously, ensuring levels of security and reliability unmatched by any other storage solution in the market.

  • Store data on Public Cloud, Private Cloud, or choose your On-premise storage. Or all of them.
  • Your data is split in blocks and encrypted across all the storage destinations.
  • Erasure coding allows to safely delete data from a provider and download the data from the fastest one.
  • Choose between Hot, Warm, and Cold storage. Access them via S3, NFS/SMB, or through your favorite Operating System.
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Quantum Solutions

Tape still remains the most cost-effective and secure option to store your data. It is as a key part of cloud and hyperscale infrastructures because it provides secure, long-term storage for compliance, digital media, and image archiving. Quantum provides:

  • Highly scalable Scalar Tape Libraries to manage from 25 to more than 10.000 tapes
  • Mixed LTO architectures
  • Anti ransomware features, as an Air Gap partitions to safely keep your data
  • Automatic, scheduled, data integrity check
  • High Availability on every component
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Sophos Solutions

One of the leaders in network and device protection, Sophos offers a complete software suite to detect, prevent and analyze threats:

  • Next Generation Firewall
  • Managed Detection and Response
  • Extended Detection and Response
  • Mobile and Endpoint Security
  • Zero Trust Network
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Data Rover

One solution that allows users to explore, manage, process and protect their data effectively and efficiently, by simultaneously addressing Cyber Security and Data Management.

  • Clear vision of effective User Access Rights for useful decision-making
  • Quick identification of dark data to manage cost savings
  • Dectection of security flaws and resource wastage
  • Advanced data exchange and tracking - secure data sharing
  • Detailed security reports and data analysis
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CompTIA Certified

Our competence in IT fields is recognized by CompTIA. Among the certifications that our team obtained:

  • CompTIA Linux+
  • CompTIA Security+
  • CompTIA Network+
  • CompTIA CySA+
  • CompTIA PenTest+
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About Us

From the moment it’s generated until its destruction, a person must always have a clear idea about the data state. We have this concept in mind since over fifteen years, and we still love it.

We were born in 2006 as a company specialized in backup on physical tape, with already many years of experience. During time, while working on ever-growing IT environments, we dealt with at first sight impossible challenges, but our perseverance always won.

Our highly qualified team achieved many of the highest IT certifications. Our deep knowledge of the most modern infrastructures and of the actual threat landscape make us a formidable team.


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